Toronto, ON – Temporary Installation   

Conceived as a short-sprint response to Toronto’s “Winter Stations” competition in 2018, BURGUS was an exercise in low-cost, modular construction fabricated from off-the-shelf materials. Responding to the theme of “Riot”, eight light-weight modules of plywood, cork and mylar sheathing are assembled to at once convey and contradict the authoritarian icon of the tower. An otherwise simple, defensible architecture, BURGUS provides a moment of shelter and repose from the harsh winter elements. At ground, a mylar and plywood interior provides a glowing gathering space sheltered from wind. Near opposite, another entrance frames the ladder of the existing lifeguard tower, giving access to an open sky room above. The city is erased, focusing attention on the sky and sound of the nearby sea. BURGUS appropriates the authoritarian form, repurposing the tower as a public space of calm and introspection.

Detail – Wall Section

Detail Section
Section + Plan

Component Diagram


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