Desert Exhibition

SPRING / 2017
From Landart Studio 

Located in White Sands National Park, three artist live-work spaces and three exhibition spaces will draw from the 500,000+ visitors per year in an experiment with desert domesticity, creative production and exhibition. Embracing the extreme entropy inherent to the gypsum dune fields, the proposal – serialized – serves as a tool of measure, austere icon and sculptural form. The live-work spaces, situated in tall slender towers, rise above even the tallest dunes in the park, serving as a way-finding landmark within the monotonous desert. The three exhibition spaces perform as windscreens, interacting with natural dune movement to shape the interior exhibition area and the greater landscape of the desert itself. As sand accumulates on each gallery, the lower space becomes inaccessible while the dune grows to bring access to a protected upper exhibition level.

Site Plan Site Plan

Gallery – Elevations + Sections

Gallery – Plans

Residence – Axon
Residence – Plans


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